Daniel S. Hoverman Interview



Texas Capital Bank

Executive Vice President, Head of Investment Banking

You joined Texas Capital Bank in August 2021 as the Head of Investment Banking. What excited you about the role and opportunity? 

Every country with an economy as large as Texas’s has a limited number of dominant financial institutions, but most of the banks that might have contended for dominance in our state either went out of business in the 1980s or were acquired in the 1990s. Today, hundreds of banks compete for business in Texas, yet businesses and their owners have two basic choices: local, limited-service institutions or foreign (as in, not Texan) full-service firms.  

President and CEO Rob C. Holmes and the leadership team at Texas Capital Bank set out to establish the flagship financial services firm headquartered in the State of Texas, capable of delivering products and services relevant to all Texas businesses. Texas businesses deserve the opportunity to work with a Texas-based financial services firm, one that can help them grow from their first checking account through to their sale or initial public offering, and one that is just as dedicated to Texas communities as they are. As simple as the strategy appears, building a full-service firm takes talent, dedication, and, like many entrepreneurial endeavors, a degree of irrational persistence. When I heard what Texas Capital Bank was building and met Rob and the team building it, I knew I wanted to be part of the transformation.

What are some of the ways in which your division identifies and engages entrepreneurs? At what stage of the business would it make sense for an entrepreneur to bring in a financial partner, like Texas Capital Bank, to help them navigate the financial strategy and needs for growing their business? 

The products and services that Texas Capital Bank provides are relevant to entrepreneurs and business owners at every stage of their company’s life cycle. Entrepreneurs should seek a true partner for their business, one that can grow with them and deliver products and services that are relevant to their business needs and critical to their success. The range of potential solutions we offer today is significant: core treasury products, purchasing cards and positive pay through rates and foreign exchange hedging through access to the global capital markets. If you are struggling to address a challenge, we want to be your first call to help identify a solution.

We are honored to have Texas Capital Bank sponsor our 40th Anniversary Hall of Fame Induction ceremony this fall. In your words, can you tell us how TCB’s mission aligns with The Texas Business Hall of Fame.

The Texas Business Hall of Fame’s mission is to celebrate and champion the business leaders of Texas, both present and future. Texas Capital Bank is an institution founded by Texans and dedicated to serving the needs of the Texas business community. We both celebrate the same accomplishments, and we hope that future inductees cite a relationship with Texas Capital as a meaningful factor in their success.  

How do you define “excellence” in business? 

At Texas Capital Bank, our core values commit us to excellence every day. It’s something we strive toward. Excellence is both an outcome and a mentality; it might not be something you achieve on the first try, without hard work. Because of that, we put a continuous effort into improving and delivering better experiences and outcomes for our clients. A true measure of excellence for us is when our clients recommend Texas Capital to a colleague, friend, or neighbor.

What is a piece of advice you would offer to early-stage entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a business in Texas? 

Early-stage entrepreneurs find success through a combination of inflexible dedication to their strategic goals and a flexible approach to the means of achieving them. As a financial services firm dedicated to serving early-stage businesses, our bankers have helped countless companies work through the challenges of executing an owner’s vision while adjusting to the practical realities of the market. For over a century, Texas has attracted people looking to define their own version of success. We encourage entrepreneurship and value the hard work and risk-taking that building a business requires. At Texas Capital Bank, we share the same passion for building, for defining a bold strategy, and for enjoying the challenge of Texas-sized ambition.

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