TBHF Legend T. Boone Pickens to be Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award by D CEO

D CEO is proud to announce that T. Boone Pickens will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award as part of the magazine’s 2018 Oil and Gas Awards program.  

The original wildcatter will be honored at an exclusive event in October.

Dubbed the “Oracle of Oil” by CNBC and one of the 100 “Greatest Living Business Minds” by Forbes, Pickens is the man behind one of the country’s largest independent oil companies, Mesa Petroleum, which he took public in 1964. In his 70s, Pickens reinvented himself as a successful investment fund operator with BP Capital.

Earlier this year, in February, under the ticker BOON, BP Capital Fund Advisors introduced an index that tracks the oil and gas industry—shaped by decades of experience and energy thought leadership of Pickens and his team.

The energy icon has been an outspoken advocate for reducing the United States’ dependency on foreign oil, launching the $100 million Pickens Plan campaign in 2008. Pickens remains involved in his charitable foundation and also advocates for entrepreneurship and shareholder rights.

“At my age, you aren’t going to wait around 10 years before you start something,” Pickens told D CEO in this 2013 CEO of the Year interview. “You get it started now, and take advantage.”

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