The Texas Business Hall of Fame awards scholarships annually to students from participating Texas universities.

The Foundation’s mission is to sow seeds of our future by acknowledging and helping underwrite the promise that is being demonstrated by Texas business students. We accomplish this by assisting future business leaders pursuing their degrees in Texas schools by funding a scholarship award program.

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Texas Universities interested in becoming involved or for any additional questions, please contact the TBHF Office.

Phone: 713-993-9433
Email: [email protected]

Scholarship Details

Please note that the TBHF Office will be in contact with you and with your Dean’s office regarding notification and the award process. A few things to note include:

  • Award notifications will be sent at the end of May
  • If selected, you will be required to attend the Scholarship Luncheon and Annual Induction Dinner to be held on the same day (see Induction Dinner page for dates and details)
  • If traveling from out of the city where the Luncheon and Dinner will be held, a portion of your travel expenses will be reimbursed, and a hotel room may be provided for you on the night of the Dinner
  • The scholarship funds are payable to the student, not the university
  • The scholarship is considered unrestricted, meaning recipients may use the funds for things other than tuition and supplies
  • The payment will be awarded at the Scholarship Luncheon in the fall; travel reimbursement will also be provided then
  • Once awarded your scholarship, all scholarship recipients are eligible to become members of the TBHF Scholar Alumni Association (SAA)

TBHF Scholarship Application & Award Process


Application process opens.

Please see the list of participating schools.

Interested students should contact the Dean’s Office of their program.

Dean’s Office will provide interested students the TBHF Scholarship application form for completion and submission back to the Dean within the Dean’s specified timeline.

Dean’s Office will submit 3 eligible students’ applications to [email protected]

March 1st

Deadline for applications to be submitted to TBHF.


Interviews with eligible students and TBHF Directors in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.


By the end of May, selected scholarship award recipients receive notification from TBHF.

Scholarship recipients are required to attend the Annual Scholar Luncheon in the fall where Scholarship Awards are presented.

Scholarship recipients are required to attend the Annual Induction Dinner in the fall where TBHF inducts selected Texas businessmen/women into the Hall of Fame.  Scholarship recipients are recognized at this dinner.

Thank You to all of our Directors who participated in the 2019 Scholarship Interviews:

Todd Barth

Lisa Friel

Brian Garrison

Carl Glaw

Vicky Gunning

Lawrence Hanrahan

Christine Hollinden

Jon Karp

John Keeton

Leigh Martin

Shannon McClendon

Diane McNulty

Evan Melrose

Michael Metcalf

Charles Philpott

Brad Rejebian

Rose Rougeau

Jason Signor

Jessica Thorne