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2021 Annual Report

Chair’s Message

From Jon P. Karp

Dear TBHF Supporter, 

I had the privilege and rare opportunity to report to you as Chairman of the Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation for the past two years–a first for an organization that has traditionally rotated its Chair annually. Watching this organization pivot and even thrive through unprecedented times has served as a reminder of the resiliency of our state and business community. In a time when we looked to innovation and business for so many solutions, it was an honor to oversee an organization whose mission is to award the innovators of today and provide a network to the innovators of tomorrow. Thank you for living and supporting our mission–to honor business leaders whose impact is transformational and drive is sustained by a perpetual sense of optimism and responsibility to their community and state. 

Thank you to Mark Cuban, John Paul DeJoria, John C. Goff, Morton H. Meyerson, Gerald Smith, and Randall L. Stephenson for so gracefully embracing the role of inductee for two years. Without your participation, the last two years would have been very different. Thank you to our other Hall of Fame members who played an equally important role in inspiring this organization and leading our state through some very difficult times. I would also like to thank our alumni, scholar, and veteran award recipients for serving as a constant reminder and source of inspiration–you are not only the path forward but also the promise that we live in a country where anything is possible. Last but not least, I would like to thank our executive director Meredith Walker and her great team who are leading this organization every day behind the scenes. 

I end these two years humbled and full of gratitude. I would like to extend my congratulations to Amanda Brock, our 2022 Chair and look forward to another impactful year under her leadership. 

Best regards, 

Jon P. Karp  
Chairman of the Board 2020/2021, Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation