Nominate a Director

Directors Shall:

  • Perform an active role in the affairs of the TBHF and its committees
  • Be respected members of the community and accomplished senior members of their organization
  • Commit to a 3-year term, and renew their membership annually (unlimited terms, provided, that each Director commit to and fulfill the responsibilities of Director membership and maintain a current record of contact information with the TBHF administrative office)
  • Pay membership dues of $500, due by May 1st, annually
  • Purchase or be responsible for selling at least one (1) table for the Annual Induction Dinner, which has a current cost of $5,000 (to be paid-in-full no later than the first day of the Dinner)
  • Assist in fundraising, such as the sale of tables and tickets for the Annual Induction Dinner
  • Assist in the nomination of Directors and Honorees and selection of Scholar Award recipients

Before you begin, please have the Nominating Director complete the online Director Nomination Form below. Once complete, you can download the portion of the Director Application to be completed by the Nominee and follow the instructions for submission to the TBHF office.