Leland burk




Since its founding in January 1986, Leland Burk has served as president of Burk Interests, Incorporated, a diversified real estate investment company based in Dallas, Texas.

Mr. Burk was a founding director and principal shareholder of First Independent National Bank, a national banking association. As a key organizer of the bank, he served on the Executive Committee, the Loan Committee, the Finance Committee and the Business Development Committee.

A native of Dallas, Texas, Mr. Burk is a graduate of Greenhill School and Southern Methodist University. He is the father of three children.

Active in the Dallas community for many years, Mr. Burk has current affiliations with the following organizations:

The Northwest Highway and Preston Road Area Plan Advisory         2016- Present
Task Force, Member (representing Zone 1, Preston Center) 

Alis and Culture Advisory Commission of the City of Dallas, Commissioner              2014- Present

Oak Lawn Committee (PD 193 Zoning Review Committee),               2012- Present
Former Board Officer and Current Member

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Foundation, Board of Trustees                2005- Present

The Dallas Assembly, Member                                                                   2002- Present

SWMF Properties, Inc. (a subsidiary of the University of Texas            1999- Present
Southwestern Medical Foundation), Board of Directors

Preston Hollow Patrol Association, President                                          2018 – Present

Inwood/Northwest Homeowners Association, Secretary                       2016- Present

The Dallas Opera, Board of Directors (ex officio)                                    2017- Present