Latisha Andrews




Latisha Andrews graduated Summa Cum Laude from Capella University with a Master of Business Administration. She is a passionate leader focused on bringing exceptional education to her community. Once reprimanded for “dreaming too big”, she is on a mission to provide a world-class educational opportunity to all children in pursuit of their dreams. With her heart for the community, she brings over fifteen years of educational leadership experience and volunteer tutoring services to the community’s disadvantaged and at-risk children.

In 2010, Latisha successfully launched a private K-6, low-cost tuition school in an economically disadvantaged area of Houston, Texas. Relentlessly focused on the educational needs within the community, she partnered with Responsive Education Solutions in 2013, successfully launching a charter school in an adjacent community.  In its first year of operation, that new campus earned four Distinct Designations: Top 25% Closing Performance Gaps, Top 25% Student Progress, Reading/ELA Academic Achieving, and Math Academic Achievement. On her quest to offer a tuition-free school to her own neighborhood, Latisha opened the first Beta Academy Charter School in the fall of 2015. The school currently has an A rating with the Texas Education Agency, named on Texas Honor Roll list and has been recognized with several distinct designations each year.