Kimberly Haley-Coleman

Dallas Advisory Board




Kimberly Haley-Coleman is the Founder and Executive Director of several nonprofit and for profit businesses based in Texas, that help people feel and do good, including Globe Aware, a Canadian and US based 501c3 and the Tickle Bar. Globe Aware organizes and leads international volunteering programs in 26 countries around the world; Tickle Bar is an innovative affordable luxury alternative to massage on a par similar to the Dry Bar.  Haley-Coleman serves as Chairman on the Executive Board of International Volunteer Programs Association, Leadership Advisory Board of Texas Business Hall of Fame Alumni, an active member of the Building Bridges Coalition and United Nations ESOC Consultative Status Committee, Consultant for Britannia Consulting International, Board of Groundwork Dallas, Board of Trustees at the Dallas Opera. She was previously the head of business development for emerging technologies (Infotriever) aerospace (Space Services International) and finance technology companies (Investtools, CNBC, FCA), Portfolio Manager of the Capstone Japan Fund, a Guest Lecturer at SMU, and Perreault Magazine contributor. She studied at Emory as an undergraduate and SMU and University of Dallas for graduate degrees. She holds an MBA in International Business (with highest honors), and Masters in Art History, and considers herself a life-long student of cultures. She holds a patent called Dcipher for real-time analysis data to text software. Outside of work, she is the mother of two girls, for whom she loved being a Girl Scout Troop Leader and Model United Nations Leader, and headed her neighborhood association for seven years.