Hazem Elshorbagy




Hazem Elshorbagy received his Future Texas Legend Award while completing his MBA in Entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Dallas in 2015. His background is in mechanical engineering (Bachelors and Masters) and his passion has always been to solve the world’s biggest problems of Energy, Water and Waste. His entrepreneurial initiatives include a graduation project of building an automated algae based renewable biofuel plant in the UAE, serving as President of the Energy Association at UT Dallas, achieving 3rd place in the Fuel Institute’s “Future of Energy Retail Market” business concept design competition, and participating in MIT’s Energy Weekend competition with an early stage startup, Optimys, that automates waste management and recycling.

In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, Hazem believes in giving back to society and helping others. He was part of a team that designed a car to help people with arm disabilities drive safely, and was named as first inventor for the US patent. In 2019, Hazem has volunteered his time to TBHF’s Scholar Alumni Association as a member of the Membership Committee and this year he is serving as VP of Membership leading a team working towards improving TBHF alumni’s post award experience by creating a true sense of community, engagement and membership benefits.

On a professional level, Hazem has experience working in the manufacturing industry with Lean Six Sigma Black certification and Operations Planning and Project Management experience, as well as a Senior Field Engineer in the oil and gas drilling technology industry having previously worked for Baker Hughes. Currently, Hazem works full time as a Business Development Manager for Honeywell providing consultancy and solutions to clients in the energy industry looking to adopt new trends like automation, internet of things, renewable energy and digital transformation.

On the side, Hazem recently started his own business, Smart Environments LLC, to help people meet their goals of making their homes, offices, buildings and environments smarter, greener and more joyful. Hazem believes in “Monetizing Sustainability” and his dream is to one day build off the grid homes and cities that are technologically advanced, sustainable and healthy.