Hazem Elshorbagy


iFloors TX


Hazem Elshorbagy got his MBA at the University of Texas at Dallas in 2015. Having worked in large corporations like Baker Hughes and Honeywell across Engineering and Business Development roles, Hazem developed a strong edge at the intersection of energy and technology. Turning his sight to real estate, a massive industry with immense room for modernization, Hazem’s entrepreneurial drive led him to founding two companies, Smart Environments, a smart home integrator focused on lighting, energy management and wellness technology as well as iFloors, a one-stop shop for home remodeling. In addition to his solid career experience and entrepreneurial ventures, Hazem has been a strong supporter of TBHF volunteering in its Scholar Alumni Association since 2019 and currently serves as the City Chair of Houston. Hazem lives with his wife, Yasmin, who is an architect and they both share a beautiful vision of building homes that are sustainable, resilient and healthy.