David Peacock




In the eighth grade, David knew what he wanted to do. He loved the passion his father had for being a professional insurance advisor and civic leader in Charlotte. Those were the footsteps David wanted to follow. In his junior year of college, after a simpatico lunch at Snuffer’s with Chris Messick, he became an intern at Northwestern Mutual. David gained a deep understanding of people by learning to ask very personal and intimate questions, and over the next 20 years honed his craft helping companies provide financial independence for their executives and employees. David joined Raymond James in 2020, where he has access to the financial expertise and services of one of the largest independent, full-service financial services firms not headquartered on Wall Street.

David has a distinct creative perspective that he inherited from his mother, a professional artist. He looks at situations differently and sees things from a client’s point of view. At MPA, he asks the deep questions that enable the team to truly understand how to help you reach your ideal future. David is a futurist to the nth degree, constantly envisioning what lies ahead for clients, his family and the practice. And continually planning how to successfully get there.

Though David’s brain never shuts off, he does find time to relax with creative pursuits, as well as swimming, skiing and playing golf. A self-confessed foodie and wine connoisseur, he and his wife, Laurie, embrace life with their three children: William, Robert and Anne Blanche.