How to Support

Attend Our Induction Dinner

Everyone is welcome to attend the Annual Induction Dinner, honoring Texas’ foremost past, present and future business leaders. Through table and ticket purchases, the TBHF is able to achieve its mission and continue to provide scholar awards through the Future Legends Scholar Award Program.  To learn more about supporting the Induction Dinner, please visit the Induction Dinner page.

Become a Director at the Texas Business Hall of Fame

  • Network with colleagues across Texas
  • Serve on various committees
  • Work with Texas Business Legends
  • Conduct scholar award interviews with top entrepreneurs around the state

Invest In The Future

Investing in our future Texas business leaders is a winning bet.  Contributions to the Scholar Award Program plays a key role in the growth and health of future Texas communities. Since the introduction of the Scholar Award Endowment Program, we have awarded over 700 entrepreneurial students around our state with a Future Texas Legend award.  Today, we provide 36, $15,000 awards around the state on an annual basis.  Those numbers continue to grow each year.  Not only are students awarded this prize as part of our larger Hall of Fame induction event, they are forever part of the Hall of Fame network.  Many of our Scholars continue to play an active role in the organization–as either Scholar Alumni Association member, Hall of Fame Directors, and even Business Legends.

About our Future Legends Scholar Award Program

For over 30 years, to further our mission, we honor Inductees into the TBHF at our Annual Induction Dinner and award $15,000 scholar awards to outstanding Texas college and university students, encouraging them to put their talent, skills and entrepreneurial spirit to work in Texas. To date, we have inducted into the TBHF more than 175 outstanding business leaders and awarded over 700 scholar awards to the “best of the best” Texas business students.  The world is getting more competitive every day. For Texas to stay competitive, we must do more to identify, encourage and promote the future leaders of Texas business.

The selection process for scholar award recipients is rigorous and is designed to include our Directors. The deans of Business Programs across Texas nominate three candidates that they believe exemplify our ideals of outstanding business leadership and philanthropic spirit. Once the candidates are selected, Texas Business Hall of Fame Director volunteers conducts interviews and rank finalists based on their entrepreneurial and leadership merit.

The Texas Business Hall of Fame, in an effort to better understand and demonstrate the individual and community benefits of our scholar award program, conducted a survey of our scholar alumni in 2018. Our focus was on the values of the Texas Business Hall of Fame, namely community leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and personal integrity. The results of the survey were compared to similar findings within their peer group (Texas residents with a Bachelor’s degree or higher). What we discovered was enlightening and exciting.  Our alumni are strong leaders, at work and in the community, taking the initiative and managing a greater number of employees.  Compared to their college-educated peers,  they have a much higher inclination to be leaders within larger organizations or found their own businesses.  They also demonstrate a strong focus on community involvement and enthusiasm for giving back.

Make a contribution

It requires a group of successful, forward-thinking business leaders who love Texas to step up and make meaningful investments into our future Texas business leaders by making gifts of cash, stock, challenge grants, and planned gifts to the TBHF Scholar Award Program.  If you would like to donate a Hall of Fame scholar award or support the scholar award program, please contact Meredith Walker at or call our  office at 713-960-1820.